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8511 1.5x Clip Magnifier,Hobbyhorse vision aids

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  • 8511 1.5x Clip Magnifier,Hobbyhorse vision aids
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Product Abstract:

1.5x | Diopter:2D | Lens size:75*23mm |

Product Description
1)1.5x Clip Magnifier
4)Lens material:PMMA
5)Clip material:Plastic
6)Lens size:75*23mm
8)Net Weight:15g
9)Gross weight:27g
10)Another name:Hobbyhorse vision aids
11)Packing size:80*32*69mm
12)Packing:1pc per pe bag,then into white box
Features of 8510,8511,8512,8513,8514
Clip magnifier is one kind of binocular magnifier.Its shape like a trojan.So it is also called trojan magnifier.In order to free hands,using ingenious structure,clip magnifier on glasses.It’s resin lens.Light weight,high transmittance,anti-impact, easy to be used. It can be used on  eading,writing,and operation etc.

In order to change magnification easier to observe different things,we produce the clip magnifier set.Put 4 kinds of different magnifiers and 1 support into one wooden case.Changing magnification freely,very convenient.
Differences between 8511,8512,8512,8514
Model# Specification Lens size Diopter Magnification
8511 1.5*74 74*23mm 2D 1.5X
8512 2*74 74*23mm 4D 2X
8513 2.5*74 74*23mm 6D 2.5X
8514 3*74 74*23mm 8D 3X















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