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7842 5x Pull-out LED Light Wave Board Magnifier

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Product Abstract:

LED | Magnification: 5X | Diopter:16D | Size: 45x50mm | Folded size:8.6*5.4*0.7cm

Product Description
1)  5x Pull-out LED Light Wave Board Magnifier
2)  Specification:  45x50
3)  Magnification:  5x
4)  Diopter:  16D
5)  Lens size:  45x50mm
6)  Folded size:  8.6*5.4*0.7cm
7)  Unfolded size:  13.4*5.4*0.7cm
8)  Lens thickness:  0.3cm
9)  Weight:  28g
10)  Power:  2pcs of CR2050 button batteries.
11)  With leather case packing
Features of Pull-out LED Light Wave Board Magnifiers:
1)Pull-out LED Wave Board Magnifiers are suitable for Reading,Stamp collecting,Circuit Inspection,Antiques and jade appreciation etc.It can be folded to reduce the volume.It's easy to be carried.It also can be used as a small torch etc.

2)Pull-out LED Wave Board Magnifiers is pull-out type.There are 2 kinds of magnifications.They are 7841(3x) and 7842(5x).Please see sheet as below.

3)Wave board magnifier is with wave board lens.Make use of Fresnel lens principle.Change non-aspherical effect to aspherical effect.Optical aberrations is reasonable balance.Expand the relative aperture , image quality is improved.

4)Super thin design,lens thickness is only 3mm.Obeservation range is big.With LED light,unique white light source makes color of obeserved obejct no change.Save energy,use 2pcs of 3V,CR2050 button batteries.It can last 5~8 months for non-continues using.Total weight is 28g.It's more suitable for low vision people and old people to carry it out.

5)Wave board lens is connected with crust.When using,pull the lens to the first gear,LED light will not be on.And pull the lens out to the end,LED light will be on.When in dark,pull the lens to the end,LED light is on.

Differences between Pull-out LED Light Wave Board Magnifiers
Model# Specification Lens Size/mm Magnification Diopter Size
7841 45x50 45x50 3x 8D Folded size:8.6*5.4*0.7cm
Unfolded size:13.4*5.4*0.7cm
7842 45x50 45x50 5x 16D
















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